Šamorín, Slovakia

x-bionic® sphere is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Danube river near Šamorín town, famous for its rich horse-breeding history. The main composition axis, in the form of the green promenade, is parallel to the banks of the river. 

Resort X-Bionic sphere, covering a total area of more than 1 000 000 m2 was designed for offering professional conditions for 27 Olympic sport disciplines, including one of the most modern and largest Olympic riding centres. In addition ro sport facilities resor tincludes top-class X-BIONIC® HOTEL, congress centre, luxurious wellness centre and an exclusive selection of restaurants and bars, lounges and recreational areas.

The architecture of the resort buildings is specific thanks to its long span structures of glulam beams. The palette of building materials is restrained, using timber, natural stone, sheet metal and canopy.


x-bionic® equestor sphere complex,devoted to equestrian sports, is taking up the largest proportion of the resort. Itwas designed with close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Arno Gego, a leading German course designer. With an area of 379,167 square metres, the x-bionic® equestor sphere offers top-class facilities to host the world’s most prestigious world equestrian competitions and events. It also provides riders and their horses with professional high - quality facilities, while educating and training new generations of successful equestrians.

The x-bionic® equestor sphere includes three sand and three grass show-jumping grounds (with an overall area of 52,929 square metres), a race course, two riding halls, nearly seven hundred stalls(summer stables: 440, winter stables:198, club stables: 45), two spectator grandstands that can seat over 2,600 spectators, veterinary hospital, Rider´s Club and Farrier’s Restaurant, and several small forms of architecture.

The urban concept of loose pattern helps to accentuate the main landmarks of the resort – particularly the indoor equestrian hall and the main tribune – creating a visually attractive perception of these buildings especially when observed from distance.  

The main entrance to the equestor sphere is accentuated with a statue of a horse, currently the biggest horse statue in the world. The dynamism and power of the monument is achieved through thousands of individually welded, shard-like stainless steel plates that form a 8,3 meter high. The author of the prominent statue is Hungarian artist Gábor Miklós Szőke.

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