Studienka, Slovakia

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x-bionic® sphere is situated X-BIONIC SPHERE
Šamorín, Slovakia
Aquatic Sphere is part AQUAPARK
Šamorín, Slovakia
podorys_promenada.jpg PROMENADE
Šamorín, Slovakia
Gymnastic_hallindoor_Beckerarchitekti.jpg GYMNASTICS CENTRE
Šamorín, Slovakia
jazdeckahala_01_Beckerarchitekti.jpg RIDING ARENA
Šamorín, Slovakia
7_tehelne.jpg SWIMMING POOL
Šaľa, Slovakia
01_modulove_rodinne_domy_Becker.jpg MODUL FAMILY HOUSES
Modul family houses are adaptable for needs of the family. They can grow with famil...
interier_Mestsky_urad_Sala_Becker_architekti3.jpg INTERIOR OF TOWN HALL
office of first contact
01_Zoborsky_klastor_Beckerarchitekti.jpg ZOBOR CLOISTER
We worked out an architectural study with five alternatives of sheltering a monk hab...
qsiskola03busprerobena.jpg SCHOOL RENOVATION
Šamorín, Slovakia
sekule02_Beckerarchitekti.jpg AQUAPARK
Sekule, Slovakia